Waiting to take a NetHawwal course in English?

Soon, NetHawwal will also host courses in the English language. Our first course will be the English version of "Digital Activism in the Age of Shrinking Civic Space," which will be available later this fall. To learn when the course launches, sign up for our newsletter, The SMEX Byte. Meanwhile, check the English-lanugage resources on Tasharuk, our online library for resources on technology and social change.

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Featured Resourced from Tasharuk.net

Unlocking Laws to Set Information Free: GIJN’s New Global Guide

Date posted: Sep 04, 2017

More than 115 countries worldwide have laws that require officials to turn over public records. Of course, even in the countries that have no laws it ...

Media capture in the digital age

Date posted: Sep 04, 2017

Media ownership has historically been driven by just three motivations: power, public service, and profit. Power was the primary motivation in the ...


Date posted: Aug 31, 2017

Every couple of months we hear about a new application that causes enormous interest and, sometimes, controversy. Sarahah is one such app. ...

Guide to International Law and Surveillance

Date posted: Aug 31, 2017

The guide covers array of relevant topics such as the (il)legality of mass surveillance operations, the law surrounding data retention, the ...


Date posted: Aug 29, 2017

Exposing the invisible allows you to explore new forms of investigation through short films, video sketches, extended interview transcripts, and an ...

Framework for inclusive cyber policymaking

Date posted: Aug 28, 2017

GPD’s Framework for inclusive cyber policymaking is both a guide to setting up inclusive policy processes at the national level and a ...