How do you learn in NetHawwal?

The courses of "NetHawwal" help social entrepreneurs to build up digital knowledge and skill to empower your socitey and your future


Start by following these steps:

  1. Sign up to NetHawwal.
    Enter your e-mail address and password, then check the arrival of a message to your e-mail containing the activation link. You can also login on Facebook

  2. Apply to the a course
    Our courses cover many topics related technology and empowering Arab region, including: advocacy, journalism, and entrepreneurship. The courses are moderated or self-moderated, and paid and free based on needs.
    You can join courses that are supervised only by applying. Participation in such courses is usually for a fee, a grantee, or a scholarship.

  3. Practice new skills constantly
    We engage you to to apply your new skills immediately through tasks and activities, whether you are following moderated courses with a group of colleagues, or you choose to follow self-directed courses at times that suit you.

  4. Communicate with your colleages
    Each courses have their forums which give you a chance of learn.

  5. Get the certificate
    When you finish any course, you get the certificate from Social Media Exchange and its partners

  6. Complete your change!
    Take advantage of your new digital skills to develop your career or issue you are interested in.