Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a list of frequently asked questions in NetHawwal

How to sign up?

In the first step, enter your e-mail address and password, then check the arrival of a message to your e-mail containing the activation link. You can also login on Facebook.

Can I access training immediately after logging in?

The courses currently available and require approval. You will be notified of a password upon admission. By 2016 we will open some public education courses.

Do the courses need a lot of commitment?

Each course requires be commitment 6-7 hours per a week, or one hour per day.

Is there an opportunity to apply what we learn?

We engage you to apply your new skills through mission and activities.

Do we receive a certificate upon completing a course?

Of course, upon completion of the required training, you will receive a certificate signed by SMEX and any participating partner organization in a specific training. Social Media Exchange is a leading regional organization in the field of social media training strategies.

Who will moderate the course?

Of course, There are experts will follow up your progress in the completion of the tasks required, and will be a reminder to complete these tasks before the due date.

Are the courses in Nethawwal interactive or allow us to share ideas and interact with colleagues?

Yes, some coursesa are interactive so we have assigned each a forum. Some courses will be self-directed as another option in the near future.

What if we have a course-related question?

We will answer you questions in groups during the course.

How do I send my suggestions?

We welcome new ideas and suggestions. Please let us know of any errors of suggestions through sending an email to