Why do you love NetHawwal?

Why do you love NetHawwal?What is your favorite guide?What have you learned and are most helpful to you? In the section, We invite you to highlight your participation, highlight your experience and recommend the platform to your colleagues and friends.

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Awatif Sharbaji
Executive Director

Because it is a leapfrog in the digital world, we benefited a lot and our skills have become more powerful than before, and we are waiting for more courses to come.


Akram Bamzrua

I learned a lot from the skill set that has got reflected positively on my field work, I consider my participation in NetHawwal is from the best experiences I had, thanks for all who worked on this high level program



Omima Sharif
Human rights lawyer

NetHawwal gave me a lot of knowledge, and many skill set improved my understanding to advocacy in a very simplified, and exciting way at the same time. It really helped me in the campaigns I am working on.

Bobaker Yadib
Blogger and human rights activist

My knowledge and understanding of advocacy improved each time we finish a week/skill set. Now I have a knowledge on the topic. Thanks for the training oppurtunity, and the training process that SMEX used. 



adil aliraq
Journalist, activist

NetHawwal is the planning where I learned that all the campaign without planning is a random action.

Amal Kanafani

NetHawwal added a lot to the experience in both theory and practical, also many valuable case studies. The weekly discussion and the content in the dialogue was very rich, and I have a better understanding of where to consolidate social media in my general advocacy work. Thanks a lot for the SMEX team