Collaboration Opportunities

Our mission at NetHawwal is to provide Arab social entrepreneurs with the best opportunities for professional development regrading of the strategic use of ICTs.


In addition to developing and delivering our courses, we invite other organizations to take advantage of our e-learning program and offer their courses on NetHawwal. Courses can be offered through several methods


Recently, our organization, SUDIA, a local non-governmental organization in Sudan, has adapted our "informed strategy" cycle to a group of 40 Sudanese activists, in addition to digital security advices related the course.

In cooperation with many of Arab experts in the field of digital media, we have established units for reporting on mobile phones, data journalism, investigative journalism, and verification in social media, rarely covered by university curricula.


Despite the great passion we have for the NetHawwal, we are confident that we are not doing our job alone. We are looking for partners, whether individuals or organizations from across the region and even from outside, who want to expand their reach and increase their impact through online learning.


To know the possibilities of online learning available to your audience, please contact Mohamad Najem