Digital Activism in Closing Space - 2018


Last day of enrollment: 20 Sep. 2017

Course duration: 28 Sep. 2017 - 15 Dec. 2018

Course description


The "Digital Campaigns in the Age of Closing of Civil Space" course aims to enable teams of activists and those interested in change to direct advocacy to reach a higher level in planning and leading successful movements and campaigns. The training covers the basic repetitive steps that strategic advocates should take into consideration when deciding on the goals of change that will help them achieve the social impact they want.


You will learn the basic theoretical principles of advocacy and you will be able to apply them in the issues you care about. The training will focus on planning and campaigning with a wide range of digital tools and methods that are becoming necessary for advocacy and change everywhere. You will also learn how to connect online effort actively on the ground.



Who should sign up?

The applicant must be familiar with the basic knowledge of the means of communication and be familiar with the use of technology and educational platforms on the Internet and / or smart phone applications. He must also be a participant in his community in a formal or informal activity, and / or have a desire to participate or be involved in advocacy campaigns for local issues.



The presentation of this course is ideal and suitable for the owners of crowded programs to enable the participant to balance his personal, professional and family commitments. In any case, the participant must be disciplined to follow the requirements of the work of this session. We estimate that the participant needs to allocate 5-7 hours per week to match the course's work. This estimate is based on the speed of learning and the extent to which the participant is covered to read the material that he is required to read.

To enhance learning experiences, participants have the opportunity to network with each


Skills and concepts that will be covered


Innovation for Change

is a global network of people and organisations who want to connect, partner and learn together to defend and strengthen civic space and overcome restrictions to our basic freedoms of assembly, association and speech